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ZX Package Manager (ZXPM) offers a convenient way to manage packages for Python,Java, C#, C++, C, CSS and more.

With ZXPM, you can easily install, update, and remove packages, streamlining the process of managing dependencies for your projects.

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Featured Packages

ZX Basic Library

A library containing useful ZX NextEngine BASIC functions. It includes functions for graphics, sound, and input handling.

ZXPM Utils

Utility package for managing ZXPM installations and configurations. It provides tools for package installation, updating, and removal. It also includes dependency management functionality.

Graphics Pack

A collection of graphics assets for game development on ZX NextEngine. It includes sprites, backgrounds, and tilesets optimized for the ZX NextEngine display.

Sound Pack

A collection of sound effects and music tracks for game development on ZX NextEngine. It includes various types of sounds suitable for different game genres.


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"ZXPM made managing packages for my ZX NextEngine projects a breeze. It's intuitive and efficient!"

- John Outman

"I've been using ZXPM for a while now, and I'm impressed by its simplicity and reliability. Highly recommended!"

- Jane Smith